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Environmental Services

• Phase I ESA
• Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
• Drilling and Sampling Services
• Remedial System Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance
• Hazardous Materials Management and Disposal
• Asbestos Abatement

Our Core Is

Environmental and Engineering Services

Environmental Services make up half of our annual business. From Drilling and Sampling Services to Remediation. IPOS can help you (and / or your clients) comply with your needs and with local regulations. IPOS can handle your Hazardous Materials Management and Disposal, and keep you in compliance with Mexico’s regulatory agencies. Proudly, we are one of the few companies in Mexico that have all the certifications to properly perform Asbestos Abatement.
Our Construction and Engineering Services have grown to become 40% of our annual business. With services ranging from; Civil Engineering, General Contracting and Maintenance to Dismantling and Demolition (When dismantling or decommissioning industrial sites, environmental aspects need to be addressed).

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